Exploring Jetstream With Postman

Postman is a powerful tool that allows easy testing and experimenting of APIs. To start using Jetstream in Postman, first download and install Postman.

Once installed, click the "Run in Postman" button. Select the installed Postman application from the prompt.

Postman will open, and the collection of API endpoints will be imported. This collection contains all available endpoints in the API along with comments on the purpose of each endpoint.

An environment named "Jetstream" will also have been imported. This collection uses two global variables, "BaseUrl" and "UserAccessKey." The "BaseUrl" variable will be initialized to the url of the Jetstream API. The "UserAccessKey" variable will be initialized to the your current user access key if you are logged in. This can be changed in Postman if you desire to use a different key. If you do not have a key, sign up for one. (See Postman's documentation for more info on altering environment variables.)