Who We Are

Jetstream Team

We Are Jetstream

We are Jetstream. An open API cloud platform from Terso Solutions. We have painstakingly simplified the process in which RFID devices are managed. Jetstream frees you from the constraints of closed-loop systems, liberating you to create what works best for your organization. Our mission is to allow you to focus on your remarkable applications, not the underlying hardware.

Our partners use Jetstream to manage their RFID devices and analyze inventory across different devices, all from one integrated platform. Using Jetstream’s open source projects and developer tools, our partners are able to better manage inventory across the planet. We give you the tools you need to build, analyze, and connect your devices through simple programming interfaces.

Terso pioneered Jetstream in 2001, and we now provide support for over 30 countries worldwide. Our platform has become the de facto RAIN RFID standard for life science and healthcare partners.

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What Our Partners Think

  • Jetstream is a very simple yet extremely powerful toolset that makes integrating other software systems with Terso’s RFID cabinets quick and easy.

    Jim Sipe

  • Jetstream enables you to develop amazing new features and enhances software products in ways I never dreamed of.

    Mark Sehmer

  • Jetstream with our SAP® software enables us to manage our on-site stocking program across the world automatically in real-time.

    Todd Clermont