RFID Open, Everywhere, Simplified

Jetstream is the proven cloud platform that enables software companies and enterprises to add distributed RFID capabilities quickly through simple programming interfaces.

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bulletWhat You'll Get

  • Open Platform

    Avoid the constraints from closed systems you cannot control. No one knows your software, business and customers better than you do. Add RFID capabilities your way. Use Jetstream's open source projects and developer tools to get there faster. Jetstream is open for business.

  • Remote Management

    Inventory is everywhere and it's not in your datacenter. The further inventory is from you, the more value RFID has. Use Jetstream to manage RFID devices across the planet. Upgrade a RFID portal in a Chicago stockroom, assign access to a RFID cabinet in Singapore.

  • Proven Leader

    Terso pioneered distributed RFID technology in 2001, growing to provide RFID support for over 30 countries worldwide. Our Jetstream platform has become the de facto RFID standard for life science and medical partners allowing them to provide rich RFID capabilities rapidly on a proven foundation.

  • Simple Interfaces

    Jetstream has painstakingly simplified RFID EE specifications into a developer friendly REST interface. We've also abstracted the differences between RFID devices in to one easy to use specification. All of this allows you to focus on your application and not the underlying RFID hardware.


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    Jim Sipe Jetstream is a very simple yet extremely powerful toolset that makes integrating other software systems with Terso’s RFID cabinets quick and easy.

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    Mark SehmerOur partners developed amazing new features and enhanced their software products using Jetstream and RFID in ways that I never dreamed of.

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    Todd ClermontJetstream with our SAP® software enables us to manage our on-site stocking program across the world automatically in real-time.

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